To my wife: a special needs mother

You know I have always valued a random day more than a scheduled one. Especially a late November Sunday, when the first snow begins to fall, just as our long cold winter is beginning to settle in.    So... Today is a day I wish to remind you how much you are valued, and loved, … Continue reading To my wife: a special needs mother


You don’t know ******, and that’s okay.

Bear with us (Yes, we had to Google the proper use of "bear"), as we feel the need to exhale... My wife and I would like to have a conversation with you, and a blog is the perfect place to do it, because you can't respond. 🤓  Seemingly every day of our lives, someone feels … Continue reading You don’t know ******, and that’s okay.

Five and ALIVE!

Today is Greyson's 5th birthday!  Say what?!?!  That is us ⬆️ this morning at the Campus Corner having a Birthday Breakfast before the bus picks him up for school.  And well, increments of 5 seem to be such a great time to reflect, so I guess I will continue that trend and try to paint … Continue reading Five and ALIVE!

NCK ❤️ Love

I struggle with thank you's (I think the correct way to write that is yous, but that looks weird!). Even more so, I really struggle with thank you's to your face. I hope you know, by me doing things this way (letters on social media), that this isn't a cheap ploy for "likes" on Facebook, … Continue reading NCK ❤️ Love

With Love, G-Booby.

Almost 16 years ago you strutted into my life.  There was an almost arrogant, pompous walk to you (I would know, because I had one too).  Forgive me, but you came off as a douche.  You were kicking your soccer ball around, with your white beaded necklace, and your beautifully styled hair.  You had this … Continue reading With Love, G-Booby.

I love you, the way I love you.

   I think of you. I think of you ALL the time. Not more than your brother. And certainly not less. You are in my thoughts, and my heart, constantly.  Grant, you are my youngest of 2 sons, but I've known you just as long.   Already in this letter I seemed to have made … Continue reading I love you, the way I love you.

Dad’s integration, with his sons first integrated classroom.

   My son Greyson had his first day at pre-school yesterday, in an integrated classroom.  However, I guarantee that Dad had a much greater challenge with the integration than his son. I will admit that I expected my emotions to run a little higher than they did.  I expected to at least cry for a … Continue reading Dad’s integration, with his sons first integrated classroom.