You down with IEP? Yeah you know me!

Another IEP meeting in the books. And as usual, my emotions have been thrown in the spin cycle. I might get a little naughty by nature. So, I have some high expectations for my son. I have some standards. I also have some unbreakable belief in those thoughts/feelings as well, and an ASD diagnosis did … Continue reading You down with IEP? Yeah you know me!


Our Hungry Caterpillar

G is laying next to me falling asleep, seemingly completely unaware of the "milestone" he reached today.  I think that is because as his parents, WE want moments like this to reflect back on, and see the progression.  WE want "milestones".  WE want to hit our goals on a standard timeline created by all the … Continue reading Our Hungry Caterpillar

G is for growth.

So it has been a few months since I have written anything. For that... I am thankful I suppose. Typically when I am hurting, is when I am moved to write something. That is when I try to reach out and relate, because I want to know people are feeling the same way, or perhaps … Continue reading G is for growth.

To my wife: a special needs mother

You know I have always valued a random day more than a scheduled one. Especially a late November Sunday, when the first snow begins to fall, just as our long cold winter is beginning to settle in.    So... Today is a day I wish to remind you how much you are valued, and loved, … Continue reading To my wife: a special needs mother

You don’t know ******, and that’s okay.

Bear with us (Yes, we had to Google the proper use of "bear"), as we feel the need to exhale... My wife and I would like to have a conversation with you, and a blog is the perfect place to do it, because you can't respond. 🤓  Seemingly every day of our lives, someone feels … Continue reading You don’t know ******, and that’s okay.

Five and ALIVE!

Today is Greyson's 5th birthday!  Say what?!?!  That is us ⬆️ this morning at the Campus Corner having a Birthday Breakfast before the bus picks him up for school.  And well, increments of 5 seem to be such a great time to reflect, so I guess I will continue that trend and try to paint … Continue reading Five and ALIVE!

Don’t get too close, you might get hurt.

  My sister is in town from Arizona this week, and it has been absolutely wonderful! She is such a good person, and an even better Aunt to both of our boys.      So naturally she wanted to take both of the boys out for ice cream and a run to the park, separately, … Continue reading Don’t get too close, you might get hurt.

NCK ❤️ Love

I struggle with thank you's (I think the correct way to write that is yous, but that looks weird!). Even more so, I really struggle with thank you's to your face. I hope you know, by me doing things this way (letters on social media), that this isn't a cheap ploy for "likes" on Facebook, … Continue reading NCK ❤️ Love

Still I Fly

This past week my family spent some time in my new truck, as we traveled to visit family in Syracuse, and had a little water park fun at The Great Escape Lodge in Lake George. My point in starting this way, is that by spending so much time in the new truck, I kind of … Continue reading Still I Fly

I love you, the way I love you.

   I think of you. I think of you ALL the time. Not more than your brother. And certainly not less. You are in my thoughts, and my heart, constantly.  Grant, you are my youngest of 2 sons, but I've known you just as long.   Already in this letter I seemed to have made … Continue reading I love you, the way I love you.